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There’s a simple, radical, grassroots movement in the accounting profession that is transforming practices and lives in unexpected ways. A growing number of practitioners are shedding their old ideas of traditional practice models, and are creating a practice on their terms. This shift in thinking is allowing them to enjoy more fulfilling, lucrative practices and a great life/work balance.

Each week on Thriving Firm Radio, hosts Rick Solomon and Mike Celada will challenge your assumptions, provoke your thinking, and expose any self-limiting views that might prevent you from enjoying a firm you really want. Inspiring guests who are part of this movement discuss what they are doing differently, and the impact that it is having on their practices and lives. Hearing their stories might help you uncover the missing link to having your practice on your terms.


Episode Descriptions

Episode 1: Hosts Rick and Mike share ancient truths.
Episode 2: A California firm built a practice on their terms.
Episode 3: A Florida firm shares how they are doing more with less effort.
Episode 4: A young CPA describes the feeling of taking control and thriving.
Episode 5: A small Phoenix firm realizes big team gains.
Episode 6: An Oklahoma-based practice lets go of self-limiting views.
Episode 7: We welcome back guests from Episode 2.
Episode 8: A different Phoenix firm overcomes a major challenge.
Episode 9: Bonnie of bbr marketing shares growth advice.
Episode 10:
Linda of SGS offers advice for growing your firm.

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